Corporate Information

We are one of the largest privately owned dairy in Maharashtra. This brings immense responsibility to us. Dairy running on sustainable framework and practices is challenging in itself.

Carefully crafted vision, daily operations, rigorous safety measures, formulating and making delicious dairy products and eventually making healthy products, all these are the finer points of our daily operations.  We wish to bring the best in all. Through sustainable practices, adaption of safety standards and strict disciplines of manufacturing, we are able to establish ourselves as a illustrious dairy of western India.

Our Commitment
The Healthy Promise
The milk is brought from the farm to the Bulk Milk Collecting center and its chilled to + 4 °C
immediately and kept at this temperature all the way. If the cold chain is broken, the micro
organisms in the milk will start to multiply resulting in a low quality.
Safe & Hygienic
Our Commitment
The Healthy Promise
The bacteria content of the milk is a measure of its hygienic quality. Various other tests are
performed to ensure that the milk is safe before pasteurisation. Pasteruisation is a heat
treatment involving heating milk to 71.7 °C for at least 15 seconds and then cooled very quickly to less than 3°C. Pasterisation makes sure milk is safe to drink by killing any bacteria.
Our Commitment
The Healthy Promise
S.R. Thorat milk is procured from farmers around Sangamner, Maharashtra who maintains
batches of 10-15 cows at their houses. These cows are kept in shades, given grass and high
quality fodder.

Corporate Statment

from the Managing Director

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25 years of Commitment

We are celebrating 25 years of our business. The day we ventured into dairy, a promise was made to all. This was the promise for health, promise for good life, a promise to care. Here we are, and we look back to our journey, we sense pride for having lived our promise. Today, S.R.Thorat Dairy caters to a large base of consumers in rural and urban areas. Over 12,000+ rural families contribute quality milk of their cows to our Dairy and 300+ workforce at our plant are making this happen.

The Premium Brand

The Premium Brand

To make a unique presence in niche and premium dairy products, S.R..Thorat Milk Products Pvt. Ltd, established this brand in 2018 to create specialized dairy products Milkcraft is all about innovation in milk products. The strategy is to Craft new milk based products, which will be loved by our consumers.

Milk Products

Milk Products

Gagangiri makes delicious dairy products. It is the flagship brand of S.R. Thorat Milk products Pvt. Ltd. A decade ago, Gagagiri was established when the company took a step towards making Dairy Processed products. The brand name is attributed to Shri Gagangiri Maharaji. In his light and direction, we have travelled so far and only focussed to serving the nation and society.



For about 25 years, we have remained a symbol of purity. The content within our consumers is what inspires us. S.R. Thorat Milk brand was launched with and idea of distributing fresh milk in the region. Through strong commitment, sustainable practices and our dedication for good dairy, we have come a long way. We have a strong foothold in regional markets and our vision is to expand to other states and regions.

How we invested in 2018

Brand Development
Marketing & Advertising

Vision 2025 is an ambitious project of S.R.Thorat dairy. The plan is to double our sales by year 2025. This too is crafted to achieve by using sustainable principles in procurement and production.

We, an organisation as a whole, is fully transforming to achieve this goal. We have drafted a series of steps in a small document. This is available for download. You may read and understand our visionary plan and share it with others.

Vision 2025 Document

This document is available as pdf


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