Brands are the bridge to consumers. Brands may be owned by companies but brands also define a consumer, their lifestyle, priorities. In a way a brand leads to defining an evolving culture. A reason why we are very thoughtful in our practices of brand building.

The group has three major brands in operation. S.R.Thorat Milk, Gagangiri and Milkcraft. Gagangiri continues as our flagship brand. Milkcraft is the newest entry solely formed for innovative products in dairy.

We started with milk distribution under the brand S.R.Thorat milk. Distribution of raw milk, pasteurised and homogenised milk continues till this very day. In the year 2001, Gagangiri brand was formed when the milk processing unit was initiated. Gagangiri has its traditional roots in dairy. The product consists of Ghee, Curd, Butter, Chass, Shrikhand, Amrakhand and many such traditional dairy products.. The next step came in 2019, when the premium dairy brand, Milkcraft was established to make innovative and modern dairy product lines.

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