Dairy is in accord with good health. Consumers have found their ordeal while consuming foods which are harming their health. People know it, but the real challenge is to make it accessible to all.

Dairy products have been in our diet since the beginning of our civilisation and every tradition has recipes made from it. The last decade has seen a greater influx of dairy brands and have proved their acceptance of many consumers. More and more people are buying dairy products. This good story is being overshadowed by adulteration and irresponsible manufacturing practices. Our products are made in accordance with high standards so to benefit consumers the most. We are adapting more and more channels to place our products in small grocery shops to large retail outlets. 


Our Channel of Distributors and Stockists through which we place our products at every corner of our market region.


Institutional sales are our direct business with Business and Government Institutions to place our products in their Cafeteria or Events.


Core emphasis is also given to place our products on large retails chain of the country.

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